Roosevelt Island Day!

Once again is Summer in New York City, and is a happy day in  Roosevelt Island, because its Roosevelt Island Day!  DSC_0772 copy

Promoted by RIOC ( Roosevelt Island Operation Corporation) and Urban American, together with the effort of residents and its associations (Residents, Senior, Youth, Daycare and so), Roosevelt Island Day is a tradition that came to last.   

With activities focused in small children, the church patio was taken by their happy -sometimes painted beautifully – faces and their peaceful parents. A crowd of volunteers workers maintained the place in movement, sometimes, literally.   

A day to commemorate what Roosevelt Island (still) is all about: family and space and nature, to connect with our almost lost origins…   

Enjoy the photos, some of them you will see in other sites and blogs, including in our biweekly newspaper, “the Wire”; they are my contribution to our community.   

If you see yourself or your kid here, send me a request in the comment window below (is free); by following me, you are also supporting my work.   


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Best, 🙂 Maria Casotti  (


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