The Tramway of Roosevelt Island is back!

The Roosevelt Island tramway is back on the move this Tuesday, November 30, 2010, after nine months overhaul.

is there a new app. on the air ???      photo Maria Casotti©

The new and improved aerial link between Roosevelt Island and Manhattan, at 59th St. and Second Ave got the green light from the Roosevelt Island Operation Commission (RIOC) after a massive maintenance and renovation project that began in March, and cost above $25 millions.

The state-of-the-art system now features new gondolas with bigger windows, longer seats and the promise of better views and seating during the three-minute ride high above the East River.

The windows go almost down to your feet so the views are much more larger than in the older models. Also, the reworked system was designed to be more stable in high winds, and includes operational and electrical backups to eliminate electrical and mechanical malfunctions.

employee looking if there is any problem under the new Tram             photo Maria Casotti©

In my way back to the Roosevelt Island, traveling inside the South car, we heard a strong noise that bought we all some fear; everybody remembered the power outage in 2006 that left 69 commuters dangling for hours. Fortunately, after a thoughtful search from one engineer, nothing wrong was found and the new Tram continued its goes and comes, almost 24 hours a day, weekly.

What a view! More photos to come…

all photos by Maria Casotti@

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